Tips for Environmentally-Friendly Driving

November 29th, 2018 by

Ever wondered how you could reduce your environmental impact while driving? Continue reading for 14 tips that will help you do just that!

1. Drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle in your garage or driveway the most often: It will cut down on your environmental impact and save you money.

2. Don’t idle your car: Idling for more than one minute pollutes the air more than driving does and it wastes gas. Turn your vehicle off when you don’t need it on!

3. Try to rearrange your working hours: Can you work an eight-hour day instead of two four hour ones? Can you get there an hour earlier and leave an hour earlier to avoid stop-and-go traffic?

4. Carpool to work: If you have coworkers who live near you, then set up a ride share system to cut down on your environmental impact.

5. Combine trips in your car: Run multiple errands in the same trip to save money on gas and reduce environmental impact.

6. Driving routes: Can you take a shorter route to your destination, or back roads to avoid traffic?

7. Be more aware of red lights: When you slam your brakes on for a red light, that’s not very fuel-efficient. Instead, be aware of the red light further ahead of time and slowly come to the stop to maximize fuel efficiency.

8. Use the electronic toll booth: By doing this, you will avoid slowing down in your car and then having to accelerate after. Instead, you can just keep on driving through the booth like you didn’t even go through one.

9. Make sure the tires are inflated: Check them weekly for the appropriate amount of air, and add air if necessary.

10. Get routine repairs: When your car has things wrong with it, that affects how it runs overall.

11. Use ethanol-free gas: It takes more ethanol than gas to go the same number of miles.

12. Air conditioning vs. open windows: In hot weather, drive with the windows down if you’re driving at less than 55 mph to conserve gas. If driving at 55 mph or more, then roll up your windows and turn on the air conditioner to reduce your vehicle’s drag.

13. Utilize the cruise control: This will help you maintain your speed without having to accelerate or brake. According to, using cruise control reduces fuel consumption by seven percent.

14. What kind of shoes are you wearing?: Wear lighter shoes when driving, to have more control over the gas and brake pedals.
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